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Mobile Charge Capture App MD Coder: MDTech FAQ

Have questions about the MD Coder® mobile charge capture app? If you don’t find the answers in our frequently asked questions, contact us.

Which CPT / E&M codes does MD Coder contain?

Our products contain the entire set of CPT and Evaluation and Management codes for all service areas.

Does MD Coder automatically update to all CPT / E&M codes?

Yes. Among the code sets that we support and update on a regular basis (as necessary) are: 1) CPT 4 a. Includes E&M b. Level I c. Level II 2) ICD-10-CM 3) HCPCS 4) RVU 5) GPCI

Is MD Coder able to submit charges wirelessly directly to the billing office without having to manually synchronize the device?

Yes. Our applications support the ability to submit charges directly to a CBO on-demand (either to a staging area for further edit, or for review by the CBO) or on a scheduled basis (schedule can be determined on a per-user basis if necessary. This causes charges to be pushed to the CBO from each device according to schedule.

Describe your connectivity options, Wi-Fi? Cell? Wired? Disconnected?

We support all the above options. All of our platforms (Windows Mobile, iPhone and iPad, Blackberry, and Android) work using store and forward technology. That is, they take advantage of being ‘online’ when a connection is available but will work in an offline state as well. In offline mode, the system securely caches the captured information until a connection is re-established.

Does MD Coder allow for the ability to review charges that have not yet been, or are in the process of being submitted to the billing department?

Yes. We support multiple charge workflow states. A provider can create a charge in draft status or submit it directly to the billing department for review and approval or rejection. Submitted charges cannot be edited by a provider until handled by the billing department. Draft charges can be created by a physician and then edited prior to submission or they can be picked up directly by the billing department depending on what your procedure dictates. The billing department has the ability to approve or reject charges. Rejected charges go back to the provider with an optional notification and a rejection note that is entered by the billing department facilitating an effective and efficient charge capture process.

Can MD Coder interface with backend billing systems?

Absolutely. We have integrated with billing systems before, usually using HL7. MD Coder is also part of a larger application suite (MDT Manager) which is itself a full-featured billing system.

Is this an ASP or self-hosted solution?

Our solution is an ASP solution. There are many benefits to having it hosted by MDTech, including 24×7 monitoring and automated backup in a HIPAA compliant and secure data facility.

Describe how system security is managed. At the server level

Multi-tier security management. Sophisticated enterprise-grade firewall. No direct internet connection to stored information on our networks. Internal servers are firewalled in case of unsolicited internal attempts.All-access to our servers requires authentication and authorization parameters. All logons are audited. Logon attempts are audited as well and attempts identified as malicious are blocked completely.

All communication is encrypted, currently using industry-standard SSL encryption. Internal communication between our information stores and application servers are also encrypted to prevent any potential ‘man in the middle’ attack.

Our solution is 100% HIPAA compliant.

At the PC Client level

The individual clients use a web browser to access our application. All communication occurs via HTTPS (128 bit SSL encryption, will be upgraded to 256 bit SSL encryption in 2011). The application has a mechanism to detect idle users and automatically sign them out if they are inactive to prevent unauthorized use of a user’s account.

At the handheld device level

All communication occurs via HTTPS (128 bit SSL encryption). Any data stored on the device is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (a 256 bit encryption standard adopted by the U.S. government).

Does the MD Coder mobile charge capture app allow for updates, and in the case where a complete list of ICD-10 codes are not stored or accessible, to allow end-users to enter additional codes?

The complete list of ICD-10-CM codes is always available within our applications. We do however also support the ability to define additional codes, descriptors, and keywords.

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