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Hospital Charge Capture, Enterprise Solutions

MDTech provides the most intuitive, innovative, and comprehensive enterprise solutions for physicians and healthcare organizations that leverage wireless and handheld technology. MD Coder enterprise-level hospital charge capture software automates the manual charge capture process, eliminating human error and creating efficiencies within an organization. With flexibility, customization, and world-class support, MD Coder is the optimal hospital charge capture solution.

See Our Security Overview

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Integration Capabilities

Health Level 7 Architecture allows us to electronically interface with front-end scheduler and back end practice management system. This allows MD Coder to become seamlessly integrated with the current systems and workflow. We have integrated with most major back end billing systems and provide this service free of charge.


Although many hospitals/healthcare organizations operate in a similar workflow from a high-level view, each enterprise has its own iteration of the physicians, staff, and administrators interact from a billing perspective. As such, our team and our application platform can allow you to tailor the system to your current process, including but not limited to, user-defined fields, field requirements, favorite lists, the staging of patients within the device, and auditable-custom report writers.

Pilot Program

MDTech currently offers a pilot program, which allows your physicians to get a real-world trial of the application in your environment. This pilot program requires an investment of time by MDTech and your organization in order to allow for the proper customizations and integrations to be made. The pilot includes super-user training for the staff/administrators, physician training, and full 24/7 support from our customer service team during the trial. We are convinced once you see the application working inside your organization, you will wonder how you survived without electronic charge capture! Inquire for more details on the MD Coder Pilot Program.

Enterprise/Hospital Charge Capture: MD Coder Features

MD Coder is an enterprise-level charge capture solution that is accessible to ANY physician. It’s supported as a native application on iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile in addition to being accessible by all major web browsers. A few of the MD Coder features and benefits include:

  • Store & Forward Technology – Access data with or without wireless connectivity.
  • Auto-sync by administrators from physician phones.
  • Manage communication between provider and billing staff by utilizing rule-based workflow.
  • Ensures all charges captured are submitted – 100% of captured charges are billed.
  • Duplicate charge detection.
  • Define custom fields anywhere in the application.
  • Comprehensive security model allows for granular control of access to patient, encounter, and charge level information.
  • Comprehensive and robust integration capabilities using our HL7 engine and services.
  • Flexible web-based reports available in PDF, Excel, XML, and HTML formats to meet your reporting needs.
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • PQRS Compliant
  • No limit on patient entries

To inquire about the MD Coder enterprise/hospital charge capture pilot program or request additional information, please contact us.

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