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Charge Capture Improvement: MD Coder Testimonials

MD Coder® is the optimal charge capture improvement tool. Using the MD Coder software, physicians and healthcare organizations improve the charge capture process, resulting in a reduction of billing overhead and increased efficiency in daily operations.

In their own words…

Ellen Andrusia

I'm a neurosurgeon who has been using MD Coder for about 1.5 years to do my billing and in-house patient tracking. The program is so unbelievably easy to use you don't need to be a "brain surgeon" to figure it out. By taking just a few seconds after each patient encounter an operation, I can reliably capture all charges, both ELM and CPT, on my handheld computer. After a routine HotSync function, the desktop MD Coder database is updated and a succinct, professional report per patient can be printed up for billing purposes. Since using this program, I've been able to increase my productivity while reducing my billing overhead. This is clearly the leading product of its type, and I highly recommend it.

Bruce Frankel, M.D. - Assistant Prof. of Neurosurgery Dept. of Neurosurgery University of Tennessee, Memphis/Semmes-Murphey Clinic

As a busy plastic surgeon, trying to meet the competing demands of managed care, patient care, efficiency, and financial stability, being able to track patients at different sites of service, code their procedure, and get that information to my billing office within a reasonable period of time I have been working with several systems. Recently, after my 6-year-old Pocket Doc stopped being supported, and updated by its company, I discovered Curon's Palm-based patient data and coding system. Now, on one device (actually a Handspring), I have my roster, dates of service, procedure and diagnosis codes, right alongside my agenda, address book, and the indispensable ePocrates. Curon has worked diligently with me to make the system work, and include the codes that I need for my practice. They have created a program that really works for the doctor, easy to use, not too time consuming, and very helpful. I would really recommend it to anyone who works outside of their office or does more than 10 different procedures in their practice.

Jane Petro, M.D., FACS - Professor of Surgery New York Medical College

It is rare when I have the time to take the time to write a letter, in fact, this is the first letter I've written in quite some time. However, when I sent an email last Sunday and received a thorough response a few hours later, I was in disbelief, "what customer service!". Damon, the service you and your staff have provided for our practice can only be described as a top-notch. I have been using my Palm for several years now, and have tried many coding applications of which none can suit my needs. I was referred to your product by a fellow, and can honestly say, that I use it every day. You've taken the time to create and customize a database for us, and have worked diligently with us. It is rare to find a company with a presence online and find both an exceptional product with matching service. MD Coder truly is a powerful tool and has encouraged me to do what I should be doing and what I have neglected for so many years, code. I look forward to your future products and can only hope that the ease of use, intuitiveness, and design is half of what MD Coder is.

Stephen Fielder, MD

I just wanted to take the time to thank you so much for all the help during my problems with the MD Coder download. You were prompt in getting to me when I sent the email, and you were extremely professional when talking me through the issues. You were not only helpful, but you were very nice about it also. I was really pleased that you even let me call you back when I was on my way home. Being a long time computer owner, it was very refreshing to have tech support do just that, support.

Mrs. Alice Shultz - Case Manager Houston, Texas

I want to thank you for all your support and help in customizing MD Coder to our practice. You have been a joy to work with. I appreciate all your time and patience in helping me bring this technology to my Physicians. This product has done many wonderful things for us. The Physicians as well as the billing staff are very excited about MD Coder. We no longer have to wait to receive charges/coding from our Physicians. My Physicians are coding their hospital procedures before leaving the hospital. We have become much more efficient with daily operations. I highly recommend this product to all surgeons.

Lisa Ray - Practice Administrator

Thanks for all your help. You have added codes that were unique to our practice and you have always taken my calls. Even when my Palm acted up you fixed the bug over the phone. You give great service!!!

I strongly recommend MD Coder to all surgeons. I can actually code it when I do the procedure and my office staff becomes much more efficient.

Jeff Colyer, MD

I am a General Surgeon in Daytona Beach and have been using MD Coder for several weeks now. I have found it to be one of the most useful programs I have ever seen for the Palm; it is incredibly easy to use, accurate in its coding of procedures and diagnosis, and has been a real boon to the folks in my office who do the coding. I enter the data (it takes 2 minutes or less in the recovery room), then print it out for the office. Needless to say they are thrilled!!! I HATE paper work, but MD Coder for General Surgery has made my life easier and using it becomes as much a part of patient care as dictating the operative note. One other thing. Damon has been fabulous in providing support - easy to contact and always with the right answer. If only all physician support services were useful and the personnel as helpful... Thanks for the great product!!

Harry Black, MD, FACS

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