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MD Coder | Residency and Medical Student Edition

MDTech is happy to introduce the “Medical Residency and Student Program”, which allows for residents to use and experience the benefits of MD Coder at a very nominal cost. MDTech would like to help residents with the cost burden by offering our software at a significant discount. This is eligible for all residents and medical students while they complete their training. Please contact us at [email protected] for more detailed information. MD Coder in the hands of the residents could serve as a way of both introducing new technology to high-level physician management as well as assisting residents in their medical decision-making and revenue optimization process.

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Helps Manage Their Patients

MD Coder can help residents manage all their patients and complex schedules while rounding to ensure charges are being captured effectively and efficiently. MDTech knows the extensive paperwork and reporting that every resident is required to do and believes MD Coder can help simplify this process for the residents and their teams. In addition, what a way for a resident to impress his or her possible future employers! Capturing every charge and improving the cash-flow stream will no doubt impress higher-level management.

Powerful Tools

MDTech will not require a formal agreement with schools and hospitals wishing to participate in this program. The school or hospital can simply submit the name and contact email of those students and residents wishing to participate to [email protected]. Alternatively, students and residents can purchase MD Coder individually after verification of residency or medical student status. Registration information will be emailed to each individual user. MDTech hopes that this program will enable students and residents to use our powerful tools throughout their training period. For more information or to submit student or resident names simply email the names to [email protected].

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