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MD Message for Telehealth

MD Message for Telehealth makes it easy and affordable for physicians to provide quality healthcare to their patients anytime, anywhere. MD Messages’ cutting-edge patient care includes video visits, scheduling, automatic billing, and more while integrating into your existing clinical workflow.

MD Message (Standalone)
Standard Pricing
Visual Appointment Room
Unlimited Encrypted Video Calls
High Quality In-Video Chat
Screen share, mobile share, and more
Get Started
MD Message + Charge Capture
MD Coder for Mobile Charge Capture
MD Message for Telehealth
Schedule Video Appointments
Appointment Notifications
Automated Telemedicine Charges
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Premium Experience

Telemedicine Made Easy

No Download Required

See patients whether you're in the office or on the road from any desktop or iOS/Android device.

Continuity of Patient Care

Reduce hospital readmissions with options like remote patient follow-ups.

Boost Efficiency & Convenience

Fill open appointments and reduce no-shows by offering patients the convenience of online consultations.

  • Schedule video appointments directly from your Patient Rounding List
  • See past and upcoming appointments from the schedule view
  • Get notifications for upcoming appointments
  • No patient accounts needed
  • In-Video Chat
  • Automatic Telemedicine charges added to each visit
  • Password protected appointment rooms
  • Communicate across platforms, devices, & desktop browsers
  • Encrypted by default
  • Screen sharing (browser only)
Physician Experience

Schedule Appointments, Visit Patients, Submit Charges

MD Coder demo images

Non-MD Coder Users:
The mobile-app stores are a bit behind in releasing new applications – while we all wait, we’ve released an initial browser-to-browser solution so you can register for a private room and serve your patients remotely immediately.

MD Coder Users:
Since MD Message is built into MD Coder, no additional software is needed for physicians to begin scheduling virtual appointments with their patients. As a provider, simply set your desired appointment time/date and a meeting invite will automatically be sent to the patient. MD Coder will send a reminder notification when you have an appointment and provides a complete view of your patient’s queue so you can appropriately triage patients.

After the appointment, easily add your Telemedicine service codes with a single swipe. MD Coder will even give you a list of suggested CPT codes based on the call duration.

Patient Experience

Convenient, Personal Healthcare

MD Messages’ user-friendly design makes it easy for patients to see their provider quickly from the comfort of their couch. MD Message Patient Edition can be accessed from a computer browser or our native iOS/Android applications. When a provider sends a virtual appointment invitation, your patient will receive a calendar invite with links to join the meeting.

Patients will be able to see a full log of previous and upcoming appointments through MD Message Patient Edition.


computer and phone with MD logo

  • No account needed for your patients
  • Secure password protected visits
  • End-to-end encryption
  • High-quality audio and video appointments
  • Web browser ready: no downloads are required of your patients to attend a virtual appointment. MD Message Patient Edition works directly within their browsers as well.
  • Patient appointment log available for reference

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