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Mobile Charge Capture: About MDTech MD Coder

Medical Design Technologies (MDTech), a leader in providing electronic charge capture solutions, was founded in 2015. MDTech is an established independent software vendor (ISV) specializing in state of the art healthcare applications. We also have specific expertise as a mobile applications provider, providing wireless healthcare applications since 2015. MDTech also provides custom interface development and consulting services within the healthcare vertical through our Interface and Integration Competency Center (IICC). MDTech’s product line is underpinned by MD Coder®, a tool allowing physicians to capture the appropriate charges at the point of care. MD Coder has a presence in physician offices, hospitals, and ancillary care providers, surgical centers, and billing and coding companies nationwide. Read about the history of our electronic charge capture software for physicians.

doctor using tablet

MDTech Understands

Growing concerns among the public to have access to the best medical care available. More importantly, we understand the tools needed for physicians to provide the quality healthcare that patients expect. Having this comprehensive knowledge enables MDTech to lead the way with intuitive and innovative wireless and handheld electronic charge capture products.

We Provide Solutions for Every Device