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Charge Capture Software for Physicians: MD Coder History

MDTech is a pioneer in charge capture software for physicians. The first to market a mobile charge capture application, MDTech released MD Coder® in 2001. We have served over 3500 providers in 48 states with our charge capture solution. MD Coder is an award winning product which MDTech believes is one of the first steps in achieving an optimized revenue cycle within any practice or hospital organization today.

MD Coder automates the workflow from the point of care all the way through to the billing process. Whether you are an individual provider wanting an improved physician charge capture process or a part of a multi-physician, multi-specialty practice interested in an enterprise / hospital charge capture solution, MD Coder delivers proven, measureable return on investment.

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MDTech offers a 30 day trial of the MD Coder charge capture software for physicians. To inquire, please contact us.

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