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Charge Capture Software: MDTech World-Class Customer Service, Support

When purchasing an MD Coder® charge capture software subscription, you’re entitled to responsive customer service. MDTech believes that one of the key differentiators in business today, especially with the growing levels of automation, is service. Our customers can always reach an MDTech employee, and our staff provides the finest white glove, world class customer service to all of our clients

Service, Service, Service

MDTech’s lead customer service rep has been with the company over 10 years, ensuring customer satisfaction. We will take the time to learn about you and your needs so we can recommend certain MD Coder features and functionality. And we provide 24/7 charge capture software phone/email support. We’ll pick up the phone any time you have a problem.

Our customer service team also offers:

  • Integration – MDTech will help your healthcare organization integrate MD Coder with your current systems and workflow. Integration with back end billing systems is a free customer service provided by MDTech.
  • Customizations – MDTech can help tailor MD Coder to your current charge capture process, including user-defined fields, field requirements, favorite lists, staging of patients within the device, and auditable-custom report writers.
  • Web Trainings

We want your business and the business of your colleagues and peers. Try the MD Coder mobile charge capture software system for 30 days. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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