April 3, 2020


The purpose of this COVID-19 Tip Sheet is to share the CDC’s ICD-10-CM coding guidance for encounters related to the 2019 novel coronavirus (“COVID-19”). This guidance is to be used in conjunction with the current ICD-10-CM guidelines and is valid beginning April 1, 2020 through September 30, 2020.

  • U07.1 – COVID-19

General ICD-10-CM Coding Guidance

Code Only Confirmed Cases

  1. ICD-10-CM code U07.1 should only be assigned to patient’s that have documentation of a positive COVID-19 test result, or a presumptive positive COVID-19 test result.
  2. If documentation states “suspected”, “possible”, “probable”, or “inconclusive” COVID-19, it is suggested to not assign code U07.1.
    1. In these cases, the ICD-10-CM code assigned will be the signs or symptoms that are documented as the reason for the visit.
  3. Assign ICD-10-CM code Z20.828 for patient’s that are documented as having been in contact with or have suspected exposure to COVID-19.
  4. When screening patient’s without signs/symptoms or known exposure to COVID-19, assign ICD-10-CM Z11.59, screening for other viral diseases.
  5. U07.1 may be assigned as the first listed or primary or principal diagnosis for the visit.

ICD-10-CM Coding for Acute Respiratory Illness Due to COVID-19

Pneumonia due to COVID-19

  • U07.1
  • J12.89 – Other Viral Pneumonia

Acute Bronchitis

  • U07.1
  • J20.8 – Acute Bronchitis Due to Other Specified Organism; or,
  • J40 – Bronchitis, Not Specified as Acute or Chronic

Lower Respiratory Infection

  • U07.1
  • J22 – Unspecified Acute Lower Respiratory Infection; or,
  • J98.8 – Other Specified Respiratory Disorder (When Documentation Does Not Specify Acute or Other Type of Respiratory Infection

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

  • U07.1
  • J80 – Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

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