Update: MD Coder & Telehealth

March 30, 2020
First and foremost, I hope all of our extended MD Coder family is doing well during this unusual and once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

As you might imagine, the pandemic brought with it a tremendous amount of demand for a Telehealth solution. Over the past 8 days, our dedicated technology team completed version 1 of the solution – We plan  to release this feature to ALL MD Coders in the coming days. Due to the ever-changing landscape, we have yet to price out this feature. Our current commitment is to provide this to all our existing MD Coder customers at no-charge for the next 60 days allowing you to immediately meet your patients’ needs without concern over increased expense.  We will revisit our pricing strategy down the road which will also give you an opportunity to determine whether Telehealth is something you and your organization will need once we reach the backside of this curve. 

Our upcoming release will allow you to “schedule an appointment” from your patient list or “meet now” for on-the-fly needs. The application will support browser-to-browser appointments or via your preferred mobile device (iPhone or Android), including tablets. Patients will download a special application called “MD Message Patient Edition” and will be able to do their calls form the app or any PC’s browser.

 Here is quick video showing you the features…

I hope you enjoy this new feature and hope it adds value to your practice. We think this will be a great add-on and plan to continue to add feature over the coming weeks to meet all your telemedicine and internal video-conferencing needs. 

Thank you and stay safe!  If there is anything we can help you with, we are always a phone call away. 

Thank you,
Damon N. Spiegel
CEO & Founder