MD Coder Update from Damon Spiegel, MD Coder CEO

August 15, 2019

I am Damon Spiegel, the CEO of MDTech (MD Coder). It has been two years since our revamped MD Coder 10 came to market. I wanted to update you on what we’ve accomplished and share some upcoming changes that we will be making to improve MD Coder. 

Over the past two years, my team and I have focused on improving MD Coder for you. We’ve redesigned the application, introduced dozens of new features from secure messaging to MIPS and we have several new features on the horizon for the fall release of MD Coder Pro. While doing our best to focus on ease of use, new features, and functionality of the handheld application (iPhone and Android), our web portal is about to receive an update to bring it up to par with our mobile offering. We have recently started an internal campaign to enhance the web portal, add automation and components of AI that will help streamline the back office. There will be incremental releases starting August 20th and continuing every three weeks through the end of the year.
In our mobile fall release, our charge entry screen will receive an updated design. We love the new design which will allow you to see much more data on the same screen and will include your charges, MIPS, follow-ups, and more. We also believe it will improve your efficiency by 3-5 swipes/clicks (depending on your use case). The initial feedback and suggestions we have received from our users are getting us very excited with this update, and we can’t wait to get it into your hands.
We have implemented a Business Intelligence suite in coordination with Microsoft’s Power BI, and this tool has been in beta with several customers for the past few months. If you are interested in being a beta tester for the BI suite, please register here.
We’ve always been recognized for our support and service. Our business has grown over 100% each year over the past three years and maintaining a high level of customer support during this growth is paramount to us. We believe that we need to be evangelical about our support, and that will never change. To assist us in being better organized during these high growth periods, we have released a new support portal. We’ve also hired several new staff, promoted existing staff, and continue to refine our internal process to ensure we maintain this level of service for you.
As we get close to 2020, we truly would love your feedback, and I have one question for you – what do I need to do for you to love MD Coder? I will do whatever we can to accomplish this. Please feel free to respond to this email; it will get routed directly to me. We also routinely send out feedback forms to existing users.
To all of our customers around the country, I want to thank you for your business. Thank you for using our products and thank you for all the feedback and suggestions which have made MD Coder what it is today. We will continue to eat, sleep, and breathe charge capture and we feel that our MD Coder Pro 2020 release is going to be the best yet.

Damon N. Spiegel
CEO & Founder