October 7, 2017

As healthcare technology improves and evolves, so too does the competition for accurate, fast, and secure charge capture systems. This most recent quarter has seen several practices choose MD Coder to facilitate mobile charge capture advancement. Premier Medical Rehab LLC, Star MD and Allied Internal Medicine are but a few that have recently implemented MD Coder as their mobile charge capture solution. This addition to their systems brought immediate gains in revenue, HIPAA compliance, secure messaging, patient care coordination, a 90% decrease in charge lag for those switching over from paper systems and most importantly, freed up time for each physician. Each practice had different initial needs and wants, but each received an effective and solid charge capture solution with MD Coder.

After researching other charge capture systems, Dr. Klein with Premier Medical Rehab, LLC implemented MD Coder overnight after his first demonstration of the application. Dr. Klein saw the efficiency and security that MD Coder offered him and immediately witnessed a decrease in over-all time spent on charge capture. Premier Medical Rehab, LLC is continuing to implement MD Coder with other providers as the need for secure, mobile charge capture increases.

“MD Coder is the quintessential application for both small and large practices for charge capture. The team guides you through a customized set-up and is on demand through the MD Coder tech support line and my dedicated onboarding concierge. I have used other charge capture applications and MD Coder will save you time and money. The former represented by the application’s seamless process for setting up a new patient and the one tap follow-up feature. The latter as seen by reducing entry time with quick pass-through to your billing system/biller and not worrying about lost charges. I highly recommend trying out MD Coder and I guarantee you will not go back to your previous system.” Dr. Klein, Premier Medical Rehab, LLC

Star, MD previously worked with another charge capture system and made the change to MD Coder in early September, 2017. MD Coder gave their physician’s more flexibility with a customized solution, was more cost effective to maintain and found the user interface to be more fitting with their existing workflows and processes. The entire group transitioned to MD Coder in their first day of go-live.

“The implementation process for Star, MD was incredibly easy. The practice admin and the head provider had a very firm grasp as to what they wanted and needed out of MD Coder. We fit every one of their needs and are continuing to create custom features that benefit not only Star, MD… but our entire client-base” said Shane Riley, Client Advocate.

Late July featured Allied Internal Medicine implementing MD Coder into the ranks. MD Coder created an effortless platform for Allied Internal Medicine’s nurse practitioners to enter in charges and handoff any patient to a corresponding doctor. Streamlined workflows brought an increase in total charges captured and the elimination of lost face sheets. Allied Internal Medicine also chose to use MD Coder as it’s point of PQRS capture. This eliminated any need for clunky or confusing reporting modules, dual entry, or manual entry of CPT II coding. In addition, to the transition from paper MDTech increased their interface reach by adding two more facilities in the Tampa Area bringing their connected hospitals up to 28.

About Medical Design Technologies

Medical Design Technologies, Inc. is committed to providing most intuitive, innovative, and comprehensive enterprise solutions for physicians and healthcare organizations that leverage mobile and cloud technology. Our products add value not only to the physician and patient, but also to the overall healthcare system. MDTech draws on the experience and perspectives of leading physicians to develop innovative wireless and handheld solutions that are practical, usable, and relevant to the needs of healthcare providers. Medical Design Technologies is currently the market leader for mobile and web based charge capture solutions for physicians.