September 13, 2017

Medical Design Technologies® today announced that Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep Medicine Consultants (PCCS) recently completed implementation of the company’s MD Coder 10 Charge Capture solution across their entire enterprise with 100% physician adoption in less than 30 days.

PCCS is a comprehensive lung and sleep disorders clinic. PCCS physicians specialize in a wide variety of breathing disorders and are considered among the best pulmonary, critical care and sleep doctors in the southwest region, many of whom have been recognized as “top doctors” by US News report. At PCCS, they manage diseases such as asthma, COPD/emphysema, lung cancer and shortness of breath. They also have a very active interventional pulmonary practice and provide state of the art technologies for managing advanced and difficult lung diseases. The sleep physicians are board-certified by the American Board of Sleep Medicine and serve as directors for several sleep centers. The PCCS physician train residents and fellows at St. Luke’s Medical Center Hospital and Houston Methodist Hospital.

PCCS originally undertook a charge capture vendor evaluation to assess mobile charge capture capable of streamlining the group’s daily rounding lists and enhance their coding and billing process. PCCS was utilizing a paper solution that was managed by one full-time equivalent (FTE). The FTE would manage this list every day. Physicians would call in any changes to the FTE from a discharge, to being moved from one room to another. They would use a 10 page excel spreadsheet for patient rounding and charge capture. All of the charges were being entered into a proprietary billing system on a daily basis supplied to them by their billing company. While this process worked they wanted a more streamlined and effective solution.

The organization decided on Medical Design Technologies (MDTech) charge capture solution, MD Coder 10. Based on recommendations from their billing company and a thorough evaluation of MD Coder 10, PCCS chose MD Coder as their preferred vendor to automate their existing work flows.

“One of the reasons MD Coder was chosen was their ability to highly customize the application for our group. They take an approach that every Physician group has slightly different work flows and their application is so customizable and flexible that we were able to quickly implement the MD Coder product. They interfaced their charge capture solution with our billing system and today (one month later from our implementation) we have a seamless solution. The patient rounding list is updated in real time by the physicians and our interfaces, charges are seamlessly synchronized over to our billing company before the physician even leaves the hospital. Most importantly, the team at MDTech is responsive, helpful, and accommodating. I would personally highly recommend MD Coder 10 Charge Capture for any practice looking for a Charge Capture solution or looking to replace an existing solution.” Anne Bunting, Practice Administrator.

“The implementation of PCCS was a resounding success. To take them from a paper system and transform them overnight to a mobile charge capture system with 100% adoption just continues to demonstrate to the market that our new MD Coder 10 product is intuitive, effective and easily implementable for any Physician Group Enterprise,” said Damon Spiegel, CEO & Founder of MDTech.

About Medical Design Technologies

Medical Design Technologies, Inc. is committed to providing most intuitive, innovative, and comprehensive enterprise solutions for physicians and healthcare organizations that leverage mobile and cloud technology. Our products add value not only to the physician and patient, but also to the overall healthcare system. MDTech draws on the experience and perspectives of leading physicians to develop innovative wireless and handheld solutions that are practical, usable, and relevant to the needs of healthcare providers. Medical Design Technologies is currently the market leader for mobile and web based charge capture solutions for physicians.