April 29, 2016

Boson Health, a growing medical practice and dialysis facility management company based in Houston, Texas has successfully implemented MD Coder Charge Capture to improve and drive revenue. Boson Health promotes the use of advanced technology with their patients and realized there was a large delta between the cutting edge technologies being used with their patients which was in stark contrast to the index cards, sticky notes, and face sheets used to capture their charges. With the implementation of MD Coder 10 & MD Message they saw immediate gains in bottom line revenue, HIPAA compliance, and a 90% decrease in charge lag.

Boson Health knew they needed an electronic charge capture when the size of the practice grew. What once worked for a few Doctor’s wouldn’t easily work for more – tracking charges and work became more difficult and analytics were impossible unless they used an electronic solution! In addition, the costs associated with charge capture, submitting claims and data entry was simply growing at a much quicker pace than revenue.

Prior to MD Coder, Boson Health was using spreadsheets which they would update at the end of the day. However the speed to actually have the charge get into the billing software and ready for submission was very slow – the turnaround time was days if not longer.

Boson Health looked at four other companies specializing in mobile charge capture and selected MDTECH’s MD Coder product for its “clean integration into their Practice Management Software, its ease of use, timeline of implementation, and extraordinary customer service reputation,” said Dr. Uday Kholsa. “Within a few weeks of implementation MD Coder, MD Coder had allowed our physicians and other managed facilities the ability to streamline charge capture, while saving our company thousands of dollars in the process. In addition to Charge Capture, we immediately eliminated complicated Dialysis capture sheets. We now use MD Coder Dialysis for our entire Dialysis practice which includes rounding at over 20 facilities, capturing thousands of visits, in real-time.”

“We love transforming a practice from paper and spreadsheets to our MD Coder mobile charge capture product. Our entire team gets confirmation that we are focused on the right areas of healthcare that make a difference to our new and existing clients,” said Damon Spiegel, CEO of MDTech.

About Medical Design Technologies

Medical Design Technologies, Inc. is committed to providing most intuitive, innovative, and comprehensive enterprise solutions for physicians and healthcare organizations that leverage mobile and cloud technology. Our products add value not only to the physician and patient, but also to the overall healthcare system. MDTech draws on the experience and perspectives of leading physicians to develop innovative wireless and handheld solutions that are practical, usable, and relevant to the needs of healthcare providers. Medical Design Technologies is currently the market leader for mobile and web based charge capture solutions for physicians.