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We Already Have an EMR, What Additional Benefit Does MD Coder Provide?

Most physicians may already be using their EMR to capture their charges in the office, however what is happening outside of the office? Are you still using facesheets or index cards? If so, there are charges happening outside the system and thus have the potential to be lost or missed. In fact, charges captured out of the main office are 45% more likely to be missed or incorrect!

By combining MD Coder with your current EMR, every single patient and charge is captured electronically and everything will exist within your EMR with our bi-directional interfacing capabilities. No more auditing and painful labor intensive tasks of making sure everything happening outside the office is being recorded manually into the EMR system!

We accomplish this via our robust Health Level 7 engine and have integrated with over 80% of the PMS and EMR systems out there. Including Epic, Athena, Allscripts, EClinicalWorks, Centricity, MedInformatics, and many more!

Inquire today and find out if we have integrated with your PMS / EMR system. 

Ask your EMR vendor if their system already has a mobile charge capture function supporting all major platforms (Android, Blackberry, iPhone/iPad, Windows Mobile). We can already tell you, the answer is no! We can get an interface up and running within 48 hours.

Please take a look at our EMR Interface Overview

The combination of MD Coder with your current office EMR will provide a solution guaranteed to boost your ROI!

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